An investment within a picturesque area

The charming
Villas of Warmia Resort

The Warmia Resort Villas are distinguished by their unique design, which has been achieved through the use of natural, carefully selected materials. The main role is played by wood, which in combination with tall windows provides adequate lighting in the interior.           

Each of the offered Villas is a two-storey building with an area of 82 sqm. The ground floor of the Villa consists of a living room with a kitchenette, a separate dining area, a comfortable bathroom with underfloor heating, a bedroom and a practical vestibule. On the first floor of the Villa there are 2 bedrooms and a toilet. It is worth noting that each Villa is equipped with a fireplace, a large terrace and a garden surrounding the Villa.

Villa Deluxe also has a jacuzzi on the terrace.

Choose from two types of Villas – Premium or Deluxe.

  • Serce Warmii <br>20 km do Olsztyna

    Serce Warmii
    20 km do Olsztyna

  • Stylowe, <br>dwupoziomowe Ville

    dwupoziomowe Ville

  • Sąsiedztwo lasów sosnowych

    Sąsiedztwo lasów sosnowych

  • 100 m do kameralnej plaży <br>jeziora Giłwa

    100 m do kameralnej plaży
    jeziora Giłwa

  • Resort Bar z kominkiem i bilardem

    Resort Bar z kominkiem i bilardem

  • Miejsce na ognisko <br>i murowany grill

    Miejsce na ognisko
    i murowany grill

  • Boisko do siatkówki

    Boisko do siatkówki

  • Bezpieczny plac zabaw

    Bezpieczny plac zabaw

  • Chillout strefa dla dorosłych

    Chillout strefa dla dorosłych

  • Chillout budki dla młodzieży

    Chillout budki dla młodzieży

  • Strefa relaksu na hamakach

    Strefa relaksu na hamakach

  • Wypożyczalnia rowerów i sprzętu sportowego

    Wypożyczalnia rowerów i sprzętu sportowego

  • Ekologiczny staw kąpielowy<br/> (dostępny od 2021 r.)

    Ekologiczny staw kąpielowy
    (dostępny od 2021 r.)

  • Sauna i bania ruska<br/>(dostępne od 2021 r.)

    Sauna i bania ruska
    (dostępne od 2021 r.)

  • Boisko wielofunkcyjne<br/>(dostępne od 2020 r.)

    Boisko wielofunkcyjne
    (dostępne od 2020 r.)

  • Nowoczesna tyrolka<br/>(dostępna od 2021 r.)

    Nowoczesna tyrolka
    (dostępna od 2021 r.)

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Warmian Villas

We offer two types of Villas – Premium or Deluxe..

Carefully thought-out space

Recreation and relaxation

The garden of the Warmia Resort was arranged on an area of about 3 hectares. Such a large space allowed us to organize many recreational and leisure attractions. In the central part there is a pond with a bridge and deck chairs, which will be turned into an ecological bathing pond and there will also be a SPA zone with a sauna and a Russian banya, which we will make available in 2021. There is also a volleyball court and a multi-functional playground (available in the summer season of 2020). There is also a place to make a bonfire or barbecue, which allows you to have a party together.

For those looking for a place to relax we recommend hammocks hung in the surrounding of trees – ideal for a short nap or reading a book. For the youngest there is a playground located right next to the Bar Resort, while older children can relax in wooden chillout booths.

Why does Warmia Resort provide such a unique holiday? Each of the common areas is located in a spot where all guests can find a place for themselves. A place where they will be able to rest in seclusion from the noise of the surrounding world. 

In the very heart of Warmia


Warmia Resort
is located in the very heart of Warmia – in Woryty, at 13A Lipowa Avenue, in the Gietrzwałd Municipality. It is worth noting that Warmia and Masuria have been recognized as one of the 28 most beautiful places on earth and one of the most beautiful in Europe.